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Best Practices for Evolve Installation and Service Accounts


We are currently in the process of initiating the installation of the Evolve development server. To ensure we follow the best practices, we require assistance in determining the recommended approach for setting up installation and service accounts.

Referring to the ‘Winshuttle Evolve Installation Process and Server Requirements 2021-11’ document provided to us, it is advised that we utilize a minimum of two service accounts, as outlined below:

  1. Evolve Installation or Setup Account (Example: Domain\svc_Install or IT Admin’s Existing Technical Account)

  2. Evolve Application Pool Account (Example: Domain\svc_AppPool)

Considering that service accounts are not meant for login purposes, we are considering using one of our IT administrator’s personal accounts to execute the Evolve installer. During the installation process (as shown in the provided screenshot), we would then select the appropriate service account to associate with the application pool. Could you please confirm if our understanding is accurate in this regard?

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Regarding the installation account, it is indeed acceptable for the IT administrator to utilize their business login account to set up the Evolve server.

Furthermore, when running the Evolve setup with the IT administrator’s personal business account, they can specify the service account to be used with the application pool, and this approach is correct.

In cases where the Evolve installer is executed in “modify” mode, it allows for changing the application pool account. The installer will update all relevant settings, including the database and installation files, along with the change in the application pool account.

It’s important to note that the same account used for the application pool is also utilized for the Worker Windows service, which is responsible for running both Evolve and Worker. Any modifications made to the business account will not have any impact on the Evolve server.


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