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Evolve/Composer- Set a Field Value rule is not working properly for Drop down


Despite creating a rule that links to a field in the foundation form and successfully functions, the same rule fails to set the value automatically for the Distribution Chanel field when inserted into the Sales Organization field within the Forms section.

Although a reference data connection has been established at the Solution level and the Sales Organization field has the corresponding rule in place, the Distribution Chanel field does not receive the expected automatic inclusion when the Sales Organization field is added in the form.

Works with 12x;20x


When you are using set field value to fetch data data in another dropdown depending on the value selected in particular drop down that is for example if in my SharePoint list I have sales organisation 1000 and distribution channel against is 01; in my solution I had set a rule when I select from drop down list value 1000 then Distribution channel should automatically retrieve 01 .


1) Write a relevant rule based on requirement; Based on above example below rule can be written.

$form.getExternalValue(“Distribution Chanel”,”aDistribution32Chanel”, ‘@aSales32Organizational32Internal = “‘+$form.getValue(‘/my:myFields/my:MM02/my:MM02_Input/my:Sales_Organization’)+'”‘,true)


2) Along with that what we need to make sure is when we are adding the Data connections “Automatically Retrieve Data” option is checked; If you had already added data connection and forgot to check it you can simple right click on the data connections – Edit – Then Check the relevant box.



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