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Formatting Reference Links in the Mail Body of Evolve


Formatting Reference Links in the Mail Body of Winshuttle Foundation and Evolve

In Winshuttle Foundation, the main or item links in the mail body were vertically aligned. However, in Evolve, these links are horizontally aligned and have a distinct format compared to the rest of the body. You have provided screenshots from both Winshuttle Foundation and Evolve as attachments.

Is there a possibility to format these reference links in Evolve to match the previous vertical alignment and maintain consistent formatting throughout the mail body?



You can achieve this by logging as Admin then – Settings – Mail – Template Structure ;
from here you can change the email template ; (second screenshot) here is the alignment for the links ( see screenshots attached).

If you havent made any changes to this template structure as  had shared earlier then you would need to work with your IT team to check why Outlook is changing the message.


In the meantime user can add the same source code under the assignment message.

See the attached updated solution for the same.



Internal reference – Bug Jira –

Works with 20x


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