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How can scheduled scripts that fail be monitored in Evolve?


What is the best practice for monitoring transaction/query scripts that were scheduled but failed to post data? Typically, we receive emails indicating the success or failure of such scripts. However, this time we have scheduled the scripts using the system post account, which means we do not receive any emails. When I check the Evolve portal under documents, the status is always displayed as “Completed,” even if the data posting failed. The only way to check the success or failure is by reviewing the process history of each individual document, which is not an efficient approach.

works with 20x


Ideally customer should use personal account but if they using System Account then below options can be used to view the status.


Go to the Documents Page 

  1. Document page do have Error rows and Total rows column. Error rows should have number if there are data errors. and that is visible on document page; if that column is not visible, click on three dots on any column and choose the column from given list

2. Check the Version History and there you will also be able to check the status. Click on Download Excel and it will show data errors.
If there is error on server it will show under Job status.


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