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Internal portal – Templates returning error- Something went wrong


I am in the process of setting up an internal portal for demonstration purposes. As part of this setup, I am utilizing various templates that I want to access through the portal.

Initially, the templates functioned properly. However, whenever I deploy a new version of a template (not the portal itself), I encounter an error when attempting to open the template via the portal. The error message displayed is:

“Oops, something went wrong! Please try again.”

Upon investigation, I discovered that this issue is related to the new versions of forms. Some of the templates I linked are still functioning correctly, but any updated forms are no longer working.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to proceed in resolving this matter. The steps I have followed align with the instructions provided in the product documentation.

During the setup process, I had to delve into configuring the URL, which was an internal aspect, and I also encountered a section regarding running PowerShell.

For step 7, it would be beneficial to clarify that this particular step should be executed on the server.



Works with 20x


To ensure the proper functioning of a newly created Internal Portal, users are required to follow certain steps. Firstly, performing an IIS Reset is necessary. Additionally, clearing the cache and browser history is recommended. By completing these actions, the Internal Portal should operate as expected.


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