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Internal portal – Templates returning error- Something went wrong

I am in the process of setting up an internal portal for demonstration purposes, and I’m utilizing various templates that I want to launch from the portal.

Initially, the templates are functioning properly. However, whenever I deploy a new version of a template (excluding the portal itself), I encounter an issue where I am unable to open the template through the portal. Instead, an error message is displayed stating: “Oops, something went wrong! Please try again.”

Upon investigation, I discovered that this problem is specifically related to the new versions of forms. While some of the templates I linked are still operational, all the updated forms are no longer functioning.

I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to proceed in resolving this issue. I have followed the steps outlined in the product documentation, although I did have to conduct some additional research on setting up the internal URL and running the PowerShell commands.

For step 7, it would be helpful to clarify that this particular task needs to be performed on the server.





When user create new Internal Portal they need to perform an IIS Reset and clear the cache browser history then it should work.

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