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Removing the Delete Icon in a Repeating Table or Group


How do I disable the delete icon in a repeating group within Evolve 20.0 Composer, similar to setting the ‘Row Options Icon’ to ‘None’? Alternatively, how can I prevent users from deleting a repeating item while still requiring them to fill in data fields?


Works with 12x; Evolve ;20.x



There is no such option available on Wizard or Composer element properties to achieve the same.

How can user can achieve this either by writing a rule or writing the below CSS code.


 1. Select the View that contains the table
2. Select the “Desktop Preview”
3. Right Click on the header of the Repeating Table/Group you want to hide the delete icon and select “Inspect Element”.
4. Determine the Repeating Table ID by looking just above the selection for “repeating-container” (see attachment InspectElement.png)
   Take note of the id= attribute value (ie. frm_block_213)
5. Add the Custom Styles (CSS) based on the id from step 4
    Solution Tab –> Solution Tree –> Custom Styles
7. Add the following: where frm_block_213 is the table id from above

#frm_block_213 .removeGroupItemL {
    background: url(”);
    padding: 1px;
    cursor: auto;

Attached example is created for Evolve same can be used in Foundation ; In Foundation if RemoveGroupITemL doesnt work change it to RemoveGroupItem


Internal note – reference Jira – CWF-567

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