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Renaming Process Plug-in in Evolve


When launching a child solution from the parent solution, it is necessary to rename the process name of the child based on the parent. Previously, we achieved this by using the Rename Process Plugin in Composer, as shown below.

However, we have discovered that this plugin is no longer available in Evolve. After contacting the product team, they confirmed its absence. As an alternative, I have utilized the Set Title value setter to change the title of the form, which is displayed correctly in the Documents tab (as shown in screenshot 2).

Unfortunately, this modified name is not reflected in the task list. Instead, the task list displays the name of the form set in the child form (see screenshot 3).

In summary, the customer requires the same name to appear in both the Documents and Task List sections, with the name displayed in the Documents tab. It seems that the absence of the Rename Process Plugin in Evolve may be the reason for the name not updating in the task list. I would appreciate your insights on why this plugin was omitted in Evolve. If my explanation is unclear, I am available for a call to provide further clarification.



Works with 20x


We embedded the functionality of rename process plugin in SetColumn plugin.


Use Setcolumn plugin to rename a process, use the Title field in the plug-in. Example: [Title] = ‘New Process’ renames the process to ‘New Process’.



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