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Troubleshooting Address Doctor in Evolve


How to troubleshoot Address doctor in Evolve.

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  1. Verify whether the customer is utilizing the Batch or Interactive URL for Address Doctor in the Evolve form by examining the URL (refer to the attached screenshot).


Batch Process URL is not compatible with Winshuttle. The customer should utilize the Interactive URL along with the Interactive username and password.

If the customer is using the Interactive URL with a Batch username and password, it will not function correctly. This can be confirmed by their IT team.

  1. Additionally, inspect the WSDL under Properties to determine the Method Type. If it is set to “Process,” it is intended for Batch processing and not suitable for the Interactive URL.

  2. It is advised to reimport the WSDL and ensure that the Interactive URL, Interactive username, and password are correctly configured. Furthermore, verify that the Method Type is set to “Validate” rather than “Process.”

Please refer to the attached screenshots for visual guidance.


4) To check the method type for WSDL; Browse the URL in Browser and remove the .WSDL after ASMX ; see screenshot below and you should be able to see the Method type to be used with the URL.


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