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User ID cannot be deleted in Evolve


When attempting to delete a user ID in our Evolve application, the system rejects the request with the following message: “You cannot delete Users with current or future assignments or users running background jobs.” It is important to note that the user in question does not have any running jobs or open workflow assignments.


Works with Evolve




If there are any active tasks or processes assigned to a user, this error message will appear. To resolve this error, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Reassign any tasks belonging to the user to a different user. To do this, navigate to the Operations tab and click on “Reassignment.” Proceed to the next page until you see the pending assignments by the user you wish to delete. Reassign those tasks to a new user.

Note: In order to delete a user from Evolve, there should be no future assignments associated with that user. Reassignment is necessary before deleting the user.



Also please check for that user you want to delete that has no usage showing:





2) If any case user has left the company and users ID is used for the initial Installations then apart from above checks ensure Libraries are created under the new Admin.


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