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DBAPY fails MCH3601 lsGetBeginPointer

DB apply that won’t come up since a hard crash yesterday.

Here are the actions taken:

  • After using WRKDG with Option 8 and F8, it was observed that Apply Session <x> was not active.
  • An attempt was made to start the Apply Session using the command STRDG DGDFN(<dgname>) PRC(*DBAPY) APYSSN(<x>), but the session did not remain active.
  • The job log for sdn_DBAPY<x> job was checked, which indicated the following error: MCH3601 Pointer not set for location referenced lsGetBeginPointer.
  • This error is likely the result of corruption caused by a hard crash.

The resolution involves the following steps:

  1. Use the WRKDG command with Option 8, followed by F8.
  2. Take note of the Last Processed sequence number for Apply Session <x>.
  3. Execute the STRDG command with the following parameters: DGDFN(<dgdfn>) PRC(*DBAPY) CLRPND(*YES) DBSEQNBR(XXXXXXXXX) APYSSN(<x>). Replace xxxxxxxxx with the sequence number obtained in the previous step incremented by 1.

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