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Avoiding SAP GUI pop up window

When executing a script in a step-by-step manner and encountering screens that were not included in the script, an error may occur due to the appearance of the SAP GUI Security window. To prevent this window from appearing, please follow the steps below after consulting your internal SAP security team.



  1. To circumvent the occurrence of these pop-up windows, adhere to the following steps for every machine and server employing Winshuttle.

Launch the SAP GUI Logon pad and locate the SAP icon situated at the top left corner. Click on it, then choose Options.



  1. Open Security , click on Security Settings and then click on Open Security Configuration .


  1. Change Default Action to ‘Allow’


  1. Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ to exit the window. Click on ‘OK’ again to close the Options window.

Subsequently, the pop-up will no longer manifest for any SAP system on the respective machine.

Additional Information:

For more comprehensive information, please refer to the latest version of the ‘Security Guide SAP GUI for Windows’.

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