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Incorrect Display of Start Time for Scheduled Job on Evolve


When scheduling jobs from Studio 20.2 on Evolve-Server 20.2, there is a problem with the displayed start time. The shown start time appears to be incorrect, as it is one hour earlier. Despite verifying the timezone and time on the server, ensuring correct Evolve settings, and confirming that the PC has the accurate German time, the issue persists.

Works with 20.2


Time setting issue in Personal Information on Evolve


The customer resolved the issue by adjusting the TimeZone settings in Evolve. Initially, the customer had set the TimeZone as (UTC+1) under Personal Information, but changing it to (UTC+2) resolved the problem.

It is important to note that Evolve stores data in UTC format and allows users to customize how they view time based on their personal preferences. The ability to set a Time Zone in Personal Information is not a workaround but a legitimate setting that aligns with user preferences. The time displayed in Evolve is determined by the Time Zone specified in the Personal Information section, which explains why the displayed time was one hour behind. By setting the current Time Zone as (UTC+2) in Evolve, the issue was resolved.

Regarding the switch from summer to wintertime, if the customer removes the Time Zone from the Personal Information settings, Evolve will automatically use the Time Zone of the browser machine, as illustrated in the provided screenshot.


Steps to remove Time Zone from Personal Information
1. Go to Personal Information on Evolve.
2. Edit Info -> click on (UTC+)time.
3. Ctrl+A, then Delete
4. Click on Save. 

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