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Restrictions on using unsupported characters in script or file names


Limitation of unsupported characters in the Script or file names while moving from Foundation to Evolve.

Applies To:

Migration from Foundation or User Governance to Evolve or Studio Manager for customers with script names having characters other than the 4 supported languages (English, French, German and Spanish).


In Foundation we were using the SharePoint infrastructure to save Scripts and Solution. Because of this even though we supported only 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish), SharePoint was still allowed to save the scripts with names having characters in other languages. Now in Evolve and Studio Manager, we do not support unsupported language characters in script or solution names. So while migrating the scripts from Foundation to Evolve, the customers will have to rename the scripts and remove the unsupported characters.


The script names can be very easily changed while submitting the scripts to Evolve using the migration utility and also while submitting the scripts from Studio. They have also tested that changing the script name does not impact regular script runs or standard workflow scenarios.


So while planning for migration to Evolve, please consider this limitation about the script/file names with unsupported characters.

Additional Information:

Note: With the 20.2.8 release we are also supporting the Japanese Characters.


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