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Using Adaptive Query Throttling to Address Performance Issues in Query

The Query feature in Winshuttle addresses performance concerns when executing queries on live systems by utilizing Adaptive Query Throttling. This functionality is applicable to Query version 10.X.

When users have the ability to create queries against live systems, there is a potential for query execution to consume significant computing resources, potentially competing with regular SAP transactions. To mitigate this issue, Winshuttle Query employs Adaptive Query Throttling, a patent-pending technology that dynamically optimizes query execution based on the current load on the SAP server.

By monitoring the total number of open dialog processes on the SAP system, Query determines the available server resources. When more than 50 percent of the dialog processes are available, queries are executed at full speed. However, as the available server load falls below 50 percent, the query execution is deliberately slowed down to prevent resource contention.

The attached graph illustrates the impact of the adaptive query throttling algorithm on query performance time in relation to the system load. It clearly demonstrates that with the algorithm in place, the query execution gradually slows down as the system load increases. Without the algorithm, the query executes consistently, potentially competing with other transactions for system resources.

It’s worth noting that even with the Adaptive Query Throttling feature, it is advisable to schedule long-running queries to run during off-hours. Winshuttle Query provides the capability to schedule queries, allowing them to be executed at predetermined times when system usage is low. For more information on this topic, please refer to the attached Winshuttle whitepaper titled “Security Performance/Usability with QUERY.”

Additional Information:

  • Winshuttle Query offers the option to schedule queries for off-hours execution.
  • The attached Winshuttle whitepaper “Security Performance/Usability with QUERY” provides further insights into query performance, security, and usability considerations.

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