You are currently viewing Connect to SAP gateway failed: internal error

Connect to SAP gateway failed: internal error


An error was encountered while attempting to connect to SAP using a Winshuttle product.

SAP error type: Connect to SAP gateway failed

Error details: Internal error (this return code should be handled by the caller of the NI-layer)



Connectivity issue with SAP server


Please try rebooting any SAP server that is affected by the issue.

If the problem persists even after the reboot, please provide the following information when contacting Winshuttle Support:

  1. Is this issue specific to a particular SAP server?
  2. Have there been any recent changes made to the affected SAP servers?
  3. Can you successfully establish a connection to the server using Winshuttle Studio (if the problem occurs while connecting from a Composer solution)?
  4. Are you able to directly connect to the server from the SAP Logon Pad?

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