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Utilizing Process, Assignment, and Form APIs in Evolve: A Guide


Understanding Process, Assignment, and Form APIs in Evolve: Activation and Features

In Foundation, we currently have access to Process, Assignment, and Form APIs. However, we would like to know how these APIs function in Evolve. Are the same APIs available in Evolve? If so, could you please provide the steps for activation?

After reviewing the API-related guides, we would like to clarify if we need to utilize the Digital Access API or if we can achieve the same functionality through the Rest API.

Applies to: Evolve 20x.


In Foundation, we had two types of APIs:

i) Process Extension API: This API allowed us to initiate new form processes, complete tasks, and perform related actions.

ii) Dashboard API: This API facilitated the retrieval of process, assignment, and form data.

In Evolve, the Digital APIs serve as replacements for the process extension API (i) mentioned above. However, it is important to note that these Digital APIs require a separate license.

Regarding your second requirement, Evolve offers a Reporting feature that allows you to fetch process, assignment, and solution field data. This eliminates the need for the form and assignment APIs. You can leverage the Report Feature to accomplish this.

While there are pre-existing reports available, you also have the option to create your own custom reports if desired.


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